Due to few entries Wild Cat sailors and Tiger sailors, championships Wildcat Worlds and Tiger Worlds in La Rochelle are cancelled.

Race schedule / Programme

Sailing Area


Protected by Ré, Aix and Oléron islands, the sailing areas immediately accessible from La Rochelle benefit of fair weather conditions.

Those advantages allow us to organize our regattas in excellent safety conditions.

The sailing area off La Rochelle covers some 3300 hectares.

The wind speed in summer averages a relatively constant 12-15 knots (wind force 3 to 4). Winds blowing south-west to north-west at force 3 to 4 are prevalent. La Rochelle sailing area offers the major advantage of steady sea breezes. Racers can count on regular, equitable sailing conditions.

La Rochelle, situated on the Atlantic Ocean, is spared from summer heat waves known in other climates. This effect is enhanced by the sea breezes common in summer. The maximum temperatures in summer range between 22 and 25°C in average. The temperature of the water is about 20°C in the narrows and 22°C along the coast.

Virtually no fog (the absence of cold bodies of water in the open sea likely to cause persistent fog). The main currents in the region are tidal. They vary according to tidal predications.


Remember that your boat willbe parked at the Minimes Harbour, in front of the club, with a direct access to the sea.
Boats will not be parked on a beach.
Your trailer will be near your boat and not far from your car.

Do you need any information from Hobie Class ? Please contact Pauline Vaques, charter boat manager for this event , by email at  hobiecat@hobie-cat.net


  05 46 44 62 44